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Espressofest Bristol: Jana Slamova (Baxter Storey)

October 16, 2017

We’re absolute and utter competition geeks, so we jumped at the chance to join SCA UK at this year’s first-ever Espressofest in Bristol, home of the UKBC semifinal and final rounds. Joined by some equally geeky friends – Cerianne Bury, Nick Mabey, and Jessie May Peters – we sat down with each UKBC finalist on Sunday, August 20, 2017 to learn more about their routines and chat through some of the conversations taking place within the industry this year.

Here, we’re joined by three-time UKBC finalist Jana Slamova of Baxter Storey, who placed fourth in this year’s comp. Together with Jana, the panel return to the discussion of subjectivity vs. objectivity and the impact this idea had on this year’s presentation. This sparks a much longer conversation about how we quantify creativity, what the competition currently rewards, and the impact leaps in technology could have on our current approach to coffee scoring. Is creativity always useful?

Want to see Jana's performance? You can find it here, courtesy of SCA UK!